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Clarification of Work Order Service options

As a clarification to the work order Service tab Checkboxes of 

  • Rejected
  • Returned No Maint
  • Cancelled

effects on the Scheduled Services window on the Asset window, the below list (2) shows the effects on a new assets Scheduled Services.  As listed in the MET/CAL help file, the CANCELLED and RETURN NO MAINTENANCE selections will not add to the Scheduled Services.  The REJECTED selection will add a Scheduled Service with a blank Date Due (1)

The reasoning behind is as follows:

REJECTED is tied to the asset being assessed (work conducted) and rejected from service (failed, out of tolerance etc). 

CANCELLED reflects the cancellation of the Work Order (no work conducted on asset, Work Order incorrectly opened). 

RETURNED NO MAINTENANCE reflects no work conducted on the unit and returned (unit returned before work conducted, etc).




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