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Remote Communication by Serial RS232 using PuTTY telnet client

A number of articles in this Online Knowledge Base, and Fluke Calibration manuals, refer to serial remote communications with HyperTerminal or PuTTY software. This article shows how to setup and use PuTTY software to communicate with a device that supports serial RS232 communications. PuTTY can be downloaded from

For some basic remote communications tips see this article, Remote Communications Tutorial

Go to Serial and enter or choose the settings to match the device that you are communicating with and the serial port (line) of your computer.

Go to Terminal and edit settings shown below to show commands as you type them, and to ensure replies are on new lines.

(Optional) Go to Logging and edit settings shown below if you want commands and replies to be logged/saved to a log file.

Go to Session and edit settings shown below as necessary. If you want to save all of these settings that you have just made (for next time), type a name in the Saved Sessions box and click the [Save] button. Next time when you open PuTTY, select this name and click the [Load] button to skip the above steps.

Click the [Open] button (in the view above) to open the session.If the settings are not valid it may not open.

Type a command and press the [Enter] button on your keyboard. A reply should come on the next line. Example below is from a Fluke PM600-A3.5M module in a PMM CAL KIT. The pressure reads 97.020 kPa. 

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