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Using an Asset-Specific Accuracy File with the Fluke 5322A

Support for the 5322A in MET/CAL is accomplished through its 5320A emulation. To enable the use of the correct specifications as well as access to the new functionality of the 5322A, two new accuracy files that are designed to work with the 5322A and 5322A-LOAD will need to be added to your MET/CAL Accuracy File Folder.

First, identify the location of your Accuracy File Folder. This will usually be in your MET/CAL shared directory, but you can verify your specific folder in the Configuration screen of either MET/CAL Runtime or MET/CAL Editor.


Once you have located your Accuracy File Folder, download the zip file attached to the bottom of this article. This file contains two accuracy files. 

5322a_load.acc can be placed directly into your Accuracy File Folder without any modifications.

5322a_asset_specific.acc will need to be modified before being put in use. Open the file in a text editor like Notepad and update the "Asset" parameter in the Header to match the asset number, as configured in MET/TEAM, of your 5322A.


Save this new version of the file in your Accuracy File Folder. If you have multiple 5322A units, you will need a separate copy of this file for each unique asset number.

When you want to use your 5322A in MET/CAL, you will configure a 5320A in the Instrument Configuration screen, but enter the correct asset number for your 5322A. This will ensure that MET/CAL uses the correct system accuracy and is able to run 5322A-based MET/SUPPORT Gold Procedures.

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