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How to run a License Report from MET/TRACK

This article will describe how to run a report that lists the licenses currently associated with MET/TRACK - MET/CAL from any version starting at 7.X.  


1) Log in to MET/TRACK as a regular user (NOT the administrative (MT) user)

 2) Select the “Reports” menu.

 3) Select “Run Any Report” and you will see an “All Reports” window similar to the one shown below:


 4) Browse through the list for the report called “License” and double click on the title to run it. 

 5) The report will print to your screen and look something like this:


Now you can either print it or save it as a pdf or other document to a location you choose.

 To print it, just click the printer icon. 


 To save it as a pdf document select the Export button. 


Then make sure you select “Acrobat Format (PDF)” in the Format field and “Disk File” in the Destination field similar to the picture below:


Click the “OK” button to select “All” pages and continue the process like this:


Browse to the location to which you’d like to save it:


Now that you have a copy of the report, you can attach it to an email, keep for record keeping or other purpose you may desire. 


If you are migrating from MET/TRACK to MET/TEAM, you may be interested in this article about requesting and applying licenses to MET/TEAM:

How to request and apply License(s) for MET/TEAM

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