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Setup Isolated network in Windows 10 for FlukeDAQ

The following information details the requirements needed in the Windows 10 OS to enable the use of  FlukeDAQ software in an isolated network configuration.  This setup requires the host computer to be assigned a specific static IP Address for the LAN interface.  The setup for use of a General network is detailed in the NetDAQ manual. the NetDAQ 2640A and 2645A with

The environment used in developing this procedure is:

  • Laptop with Windows 10 Enterprise Ver: 10.0.17763 Build 17763
  • General network hub/unmanaged switch
  • NetDAQ 2640A or NetDAQ 2645A

NOTE:  If you are using a switch or hub, the connections are made using standard RJ45 LAN networking cables: one from laptop to switch and another from NetDAQ to switch.  The switch should not be connected to any network that automatically assigns IP Addresses to avoid potential conflicts in configuration and communication.

NOTE: If you are using a direct connection, you will need a cross over Ethernet cable (typically red in color).  See this article for details on what a cross over Ethernet cable is:  Ethernet Crossover Cable


To begin, in the Windows 10 search box, type in the word NETWORK and click on Change network adapter options



Then click on Network & Internet



You will then need to select the Ethernet (1) button, then Change adapter options (2)



This opens a new window where you will double-click the Ethernet icon (1), which then opens Ethernet Status window where you will click Properties (2):



Here you will select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) (1), then click Properties (2) which will open a new window:



In this new window you will select Use the following IP address: and enter in the information exactly as shown:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Preferred DNS server*:

                *NOTE: your DNS server may be different


After this, you will click OK on the two windows that were just opened. 

To return to normal IP address configurations for the network, simply select the Obtain…Automatically selections:


It is also recommended to restart your computer after these changes.

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