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How to setup up a NetDAQ for logging and add channels to Trend screen in FlukeDAQ 6.0

The purpose of this article is to show how to enable acquisition rate and add channels to the Trend screen inside of FlukeDAQ.  The manual can be confusing and lead to missing needed steps.  The development of this article used the following:

  • FlukeDAQ 6.0.5
  • Windows 10.0.17763 Build 17763
  • NetDAQ 2645A 

Prior to following this process, it is necessary to configure your devices modules and channels as you need.  To get you up and running, with both a .csv file that is populated as well as a trend chart being displayed, you will need to adjust your settings as below.  Please be aware that here we are using a 2645A, though the process is the same for a 2640A.

  • In the 2645A Configure Device Settings menu, select the instrument 04(2640A) and change the Interval Trigger to an appropriate value (this is one second):

  • This will scan at the rate selected and put the data into the data file at that rate.  The Instrument Communication and Status page will reflect the recorded information:


  • Add channels to the Trend window by clicking Add, highlighting one channel from the Filters->Channel drop-down selection that you want then clicking OK.  This example has only channel 1 and 15 enabled:



  • NOTE: you may need to hit RESET and select the ALL channels to get them to display.

The process requires that you tell FlukeDAQ to scan and log at the desired interval rate and then select and add the channels you wish to view.  Other options and modifications for each of the screens enable you to fine tune and modify how the software behaves.

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