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Float Position Indicator (FPI) calibration for 2465/2465A/2456

The Float Position Indicator is calibrated using a combination of four different spacers/rings that were provided with a 2465 using the Status window within WinPrompt. There are two thick spacers and two thin spacers. Three spacers can also be used if use the two thinner spacers in place of the second thick spacer as this is the same thickness.

Some models used spacers instead of rings.

WinPrompt is required to ensure the coefficients are written properly. The Status window is also available in COMPASS but does not currently write the coefficients when running the calibration. It is not necessary to fully configure WinPrompt. If using COMPASS and have a copy of WinPrompt it just needs to be launched to get the Status window and this just requires launching the .exe file and no need to setup WinPrompt. 

Launch WinPrompt and will see the Status window also launches but is minimized so open it:


Double click over the text for Float Position 1 to launch the calibration menu:


If the float position indicator is not working you might first try to enter the below coefficients as should be close enough to make the sensor function which will assist in the calibration of your FPI:

C0 -16765
C1 122630
C2 -192262
C3 152030

Use the "5 Point Calibrate" button to start the calibration. Here are the spacers to load under the mass carrier/bell and values to enter for each of the five calibration points. Note the below shows both in and mm values so be aware which unit is being used:

mm in Spacers to use
-5.08 -0.2 none
-2.54 -0.1 0.1in (one thin spacer)
0 0 0.2in (one thick spacer OR two thin spacers)
2.54 0.1  0.2in and 0.1in (one thick and one thin spacer)
5.08 0.2 0.2in and 0.2in (two thick OR one thick and two thin spacers)

After finish the calibration double check the values are correct with the same spacers used in either WinPrompt or COMPASS which you are using.

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