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2465 Vacuum Isolation Valve Recommendation

We do not currently include a vacuum isolation valve, so it is recommended to consider purchasing this prior to using a 2465 in absolute mode. It is highly recommended as typically very inconvenient to reach the power switch on the D4B (or other) vacuum pump which is typically placed on floor to turn off vacuum at each test point. This also would vent the entire large volume vacuum line so it would need to pulled down again at the next test point which takes additional time.

We found a vendor that offers a smaller valve that will fit on the KF16 vacuum fitting that comes on a 2465 without having to raise the base to clear the bench it would be sitting on. It is a butterfly style valve so very easy to open vs. most other style valves and it maintains a large inside diameter which wont restrict the vacuum much when pulling down again, so is the best choice for this application.



To utilize this valve will want to purchase the valve, one more KF16 clamp, and one KF16 self-centering o-ring.


We have been using this valve in other applications and found it to be very reliable compared to some others we have also used so also why it is recommended.

Vendor info/Purchase here: 

*** Don't forget to also order another KF16 clamp and KF16 self centering o-ring that will typically be shown at the bottom of the above web page so will have all fittings necessary to connect this valve along with those that already come with the 2465 ***

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