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MET/TEAM Mobile Configuration Basics

This list is intended to be a list of basic steps you can take to ensure successful Check Out and Check In of Mobile PC’s in MET/TEAM 2.2.0 and above. This list can be used for older versions MET/TEAM, however, the hot fix mentioned ONLY applies to 2.2.0.

1. Hot Fix  (ONLY 2.2.0)
Put the MET/TEAM 2.2.0 Hot Fix (Version in place. The Hot Fix is available here:

2. SQL Server
The Mobile PC and the SQL Server for MET/TEAM must be the same version- If SQL Server on the MET/TEAM server is 2008R2, then the Mobile PC must be 2008R2 but the Mobile PC can be either Express or Full. 
3. System Defaults
 Ensure the System Defaults for Mobile are set with full UNC path names to the \Check Out and \Check In folders. These folders need to be shared out to "Everyone" and be accessible to everyone across the network. System Defaults should be set as such for the Check Out/Check In:

The inetpub directory (where MET/TEAM software lives are housed) is NOT shared and is a protected windows directory by default.
The "\\servername\metcal" share is set up automatically during installation.

4. Virus Software

The virus software in place on the Mobile PC must allow .exe files.

 Make sure that the account used by the MET/TEAM application pool in IIS is configured with the sysadmin role. By default, this is the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account. It appears as LocalSystem in IIS.

6. Storage

There must be 3x more available hard disk space on the MET/TEAM Server than the current size of the MET/TEAM database. For example, if the MET/TEAM database is 10 gigs, more than 30 gigs must be available on the hard drive of the server. 
The Mobile PC must have enough available hard disk space to accommodate the database being copied over. 

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