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6270A Emulation Mode

Emulation Mode (substitute 6270A in for another controller and use that controller’s remote commands)

  1. Follow this path to get to the below screen: Setup --> Instrument Setup --> Remote Port


  1. Change Emulation Mode to that of the controller that is being replaced. In this example a DHI PPC2+ controller is being replaced. Note that to restore the 6270A controller to it’s default emulation mode, choose SCPI.
  2. Ensure that communication settings (USB, RS-232, GPIB or Ethernet) are correct. Note that the 6270A pressure controller uses a null modem cable for RS-232 communications (like Ruska model controllers). DHI PPC controllers use straight through RS-232 cables.
  3. Ensure that pressure supply (SUPPLY), vacuum (EXHAUST), test devices (TEST) and any accessory device (CPS) connections are properly made and are set appropriately.
  4. If possible, send some test commands to check if remote communications are working. The word “Local” on the main screen will change to “Remote” before changing back after about 40 seconds if no more remote commands are received. There is also a useful diagnostics screen at this path where received and transmitted commands can be viewed: Setup --> Diagnostic ->> Remote Interface --> (Choose interface type).

End of Instructions

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