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Error 500 When Running Reports

Common Reasons for Error 500 When METTEAM Running Reports

  1. Reports not updated after moving to MET/TEAM versions 2.2.0 and above

    If you experience the error when running a report after upgrading to MET/TEAM version 2.2, ensure that you ran the Report Update Tool, located on the MET/TEAM server desktop.

  2. Application Pool Advanced Settings show "Enable 32-Bit Application" set to True when using MET/TEAM versions 2.2.0 and above

    MET/TEAM Version 2.2.x is limited to the 64-bit version of Crystal Reports, so this must be set to False.

  3. Report folders do not have proper permissions

    If you get a 500 error when opening a report, first check that the report folders (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\METTEAM\Reporting\System and C:\inetpub\wwwroot\METTEAM\Reporting\Reports by default) are:
    1. Shared
    2. The Users had full control of read/write access. 

  4. The Connection String stored in the METTEAM website has a slash after the SQL instance name

    If your report is still giving a 500 error on opening the report from the MET/TEAM interface, check that the Connection string stored on the METTEAM website in IIS does not have a slash after the server name within the string. 


  5. Crystal Reports Runtime is not properly installed

    If your reports still fail to open and gives a 500 error, you might need to re-run the Crystal Reports installer. In this scenario, you will see this error page if you edited your Web.config file for verbose error pages: 


    Search for your MET/TEAM install media, and search the install media for this string: 

    {1C779D9F-912E-44AE-8A96-085070E9B53E} and {70AA3A62-9421-49FD-B4FF-EB18A215784E}

    and run those files. Then "restart" the websites and pools in IIS. 
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