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METTEAM Report Errors


Error 500 When Running METTEAM Reports

  1. Reports not updated after upgrading to MET/TEAM versions 2.2.0 and above

    If you experience the error when running a report after upgrading to MET/TEAM version 2.2, ensure that you ran the Report Update Tool, located on the MET/TEAM server desktop.

  2. System Defaults not set in MET/TEAM

    Follow the steps in the article Location of reports in MET/TEAM and Customer Portal to verify that the correct folder location is set for your reports in the METTEAM System Defaults.
  3. Application Pool Advanced Settings show "Enable 32-Bit Application" set to True when using MET/TEAM versions 2.2.0 and above

    MET/TEAM Version 2.2.x is limited to the 64-bit version of Crystal Reports, so this must be set to False.

  4. Report folders do not have proper permissions

    The account under which the website is running as defined in IIS for the MET/TEAM application pool, must have read/write/full control access to the reporting directory and its sub directories. 

  5. The Connection String stored in the METTEAM website has a slash after the SQL instance name

    If your report is still giving a 500 error on opening the report from the MET/TEAM interface, check that the Connection string stored on the METTEAM website in IIS does not have a slash after the server name within the string. 


  6. Crystal Reports Runtime is not properly installed

    If your reports still fail to open and gives a 500 error, you might need to re-run the Crystal Reports installer. In this scenario, you will see this error page if you edited your Web.config file for verbose error pages: 

    Open your MET/TEAM install media, and search the install media for the strings below, depending on version, and run the files in these folders: 
    MET/TEAM 2.2.1 ISO:
    {1C779D9F-912E-44AE-8A96-085070E9B53E} and {70AA3A62-9421-49FD-B4FF-EB18A215784E}

    MET/TEAM 2.3.0 ISO:
    {2ee52e5b-7d14-410d-be16-2d807265f9e3} and {12dcc8db-98c0-4a0f-aa28-1df85f4198d5}

     When finished, "restart" the websites and application pools in IIS. 

  7. SQL Server Native Client 2012 is not installed on the METTEAM server

    METTEAM 2.3.0 requires SQL Server Native Client 2012 (11.0) to make connections between the report engine on the METTEAM server and SQL server.  If METTEAM is installed on a separate server from the SQL Server or you are using SQL Server 2008 R2, you will want to check to see if SQL Server 2012 Native Client is installed on the server hosting the MET/TEAM website.

    In Programs and Features (Apps and Features in Windows 10 and Server 2016) on the METTEAM server, look to see if Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client is installed.
    If it is not, download it from Microsoft's website and install it onto the METTEAM application server. 
    NOTE:  If TLS 1.2 enabled, SQL Server Native Client 2012 (11.0) version 11.4 or higher is required.  If you do NOT have version 11.4 or higher, we recommend updating with the "Microsoft's website" link above.
  8. "Missing Parameter Values" Error 500

    If the Error 500 page says "Missing Parameter Values" you will need to check and fix all of the listed parameters in the report and any sub-reports in that rpt. Don't forget to save the report after fixing the parameter. 

  9. SQL Server Browser service is not running

    If the MET/TEAM database is located on a SQL instance that is NOT on the same computer as the MET/TEAM website, then be sure the "SQL Server Browser" service is running on the SQL computer. 

Blank Data

You recently upgraded to METTEAM 2.3.0 and now several reports show no data

If your report has a GUID parameter and does not show data even after running the Report Update Tool, it is likely that you need to update the selection formula as noted in the Report Update Tool Readme.

  1. In your report, go to Report-->Selection Formulas-->Record...
  2. Look for a UID parameter (denoted with a '?') in your selection formula (?nCallSheetUID, ?nAssetUID, etc). For example:


  3. The above example shows nCallSheetUID as a the parameter
  4. The UID parameter needs quoted brackets around it to make it:
    "{" + {?nCallSheetUID} + "}" ={vw_CallSheetsWithAttCheck.nCallSheetUID}
  5. Save a copy of the report and run it to test it out
  6. If you still get blank fields, go to Report-->Selection Formulas-->Groups and check for the same issue.

Your report's connection did not get updated after updating to METTEAM 2.3.0

It is possible that the connection for your report did not get updated. To check that:

  1. Click Database-->Set Datasource Location
  2. The top area will show you the report's current connection to your database
  3. Expand out the database name and then expand out Properties
  4. You will want to look for Database Type: OLE DB (ADO) and Provider: SQLNCLI11


  5. If you instead see Database Type: ODBC (RDO) and Connection String: DRIVER=SQL Server, your connection needs to be updated.


  6. To update the report connection, do one of the following:
    1. Run the Report Update Tool again.
    2. Follow our article on How to set datasource location in a MET/TEAM report


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