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METCAL Fails to Open After Server Move

If there is a change to the web address of METTEAM from implementing HTTPS or moving the application server and the MET/TEAM Server URL was not changed in MET/CAL before the change, users will be presented with this error when launching MET/CAL Runtime:


MET/CAL is still looking for the website at the old address. Changing the metcal.ini to point to the new address will work once and then revert back to the incorrect address when launched again. 

You will want to take the following steps to update MET/CAL to look for the correct address:

  1. Open your metcal.ini file (found at C:\ProgramData\Fluke\metcal.ini on default installations)
  2. Find the line that says metteam=
  3. Update the URL to the correct URL
  4. Save the metcal.ini file
  5. Launch MET/CAL Runtime
  6. Go to the CONFIGURE tab
  7. Select the Workstation Configuration page
  8. Verify that the URL in the MET/TEAM Server URL field is correct
  9. If it is correct, in the Workstation Notes field, type something in (a space for instance) and then delete what you typed in
  10. In the bottom right corner, click the Apply button

Close out of MET/CAL Runtime and launch it again to verify that the change worked.

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