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Troubleshoot MET/CAL "Could not communicate" error

Opening MET/CAL Runtime may display an error message like this one when it can't communicate with your MET/TEAM website:


Typically this is because MET/CAL is still looking for the website at the old URL when there was a change to the web address of METTEAM from implementing HTTPS or moving the application server.  This is because the MET/TEAM Server URL was not changed in MET/CAL before the change, resulting in users being presented with the error above when launching the MET/CAL Runtime.

General Troubleshooting of existing install: 

Changed URL 

Verify the URL in MET/CAL is correct, especially if you know it has recently changed.

NOTE:  Using a text editor to manually change the metcal.ini to point to the new address will only work once and then revert back to the incorrect address when launched again.  For this reason you will want to take ALL of the following steps to completely  and correctly update MET/CAL to look for the correct address:

  1. On each MET/CAL workstation, use any text editor to open your metcal.ini file (found at C:\ProgramData\Fluke\metcal.ini on default installations)
  2. Find the line that says metteam=
  3. Update the URL to the correct URL
  4. Save the metcal.ini file
  5. Launch MET/CAL Runtime and log in
  6. Go to the CONFIGURE tab
  7. Select the Workstation Configuration page
  8. Verify that the URL in the MET/TEAM Server URL field is correct, if not update it again
  9. If the URL is correct, in the Workstation Notes field, type something in (a space for instance) and then delete what you typed in (the point is to change something to activate the "APPLY" button)
  10. In the bottom right corner, click the "APPLY" button
  11. Close out of the MET/CAL Runtime and launch it again to verify that the change worked

Configurations using HTTPS:

If you are using MET/TEAM with SSL or HTTPS please review this article: MET-CAL-with-a-Secure-MET-TEAM-Web-Site

Shortcut is correct

Right click on the MET/CAL Runtime link you are using and confirm that the link is pointing to the mcrt.exe on your local PC. 

Verify MET/TEAM is working

Verify you can log into MET/TEAM, if not open IIS, and confirm that the METTEAM website and Application Pool are "started" or "running".  Use this article if additional help is needed:

How to Stop, Start or Restart the MET/TEAM website in IIS



Friendly reminder, that if you are upgrading to or installing MET/CAL 9.2, Windows 7 is NOT supported and can cause this error. Please review this FAQ for further details: FAQ-for-MET-TEAM-version-2-3-0-and-MET-CAL-version-9-2-0

Refer to this Quick Installation guide if you have further questions about MET/CAL's install: MET-CAL-9-0-Quick-Installation-Guide

If all is now good, you are finished, repeat on all workstations with MET/CAL installed.  If you encountered any problems, carefully repeat the steps above or try the other 

Still having issues, contact Fluke:

If the steps above do not resolve the issue, please gather the following details about your implementation before reaching out to support (

  • Specify the version of MET/CAL you are using (Help->About)
  • Specify the version of Windows used (including build number)
  • Specify the system configuration:
    • 32-bit or 64-bit
    • TLS settings (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, or a combination thereof) for both server and client as applicable 
    • Windows Authentication enabled or disabled
    • SSL enabled or disabled (HTTPS or HTTP)
    • Client/Server configuration or Local-install only
  • Internet browser & version 
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