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As part of the release of MET/CONNECT, Fluke Calibration has partnered with other companies to provide integrations from their platforms to the MET/CONNECT API. This article will be updated as more partners complete their integrations. To subscribe to this article and receive notifications of updates, click "Follow" under the title.

The following companies have partnered with Fluke for an API integration at this time:

  • AssetSmart
  • Indysoft
  • Metquay
  • Qualer

If you want to integrate your platform with the MET/CONNECT API, review the attached files documenting the current endpoints and workflow. While Fluke Calibration does not offer development services to build a connector for you, we can assist with questions about the design of the API. To contact the product team for more information, contact the technical support team as the first step at

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