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Latest MET/CAL Accuracy Files

If you want to get the latest MET/CAL Accuracy Files available from Fluke but are not currently ready to upgrade to the latest version of MET/CAL, you can download the zip file at the bottom of this article for the complete collection of our latest files.

We recommend backing up your existing files before overwriting them with the new versions to prevent any compatibility issues. 

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Latest Files: December 9, 2021

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  • Avatar
    Remco van den Heuvel

    Thanks, I think this is a great improvement!
    Now I don't need to wait anymore, untill we have updated the server, before we can use the new acc files.

    Edited by Remco van den Heuvel
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    Eduardo Sotomayor

    Will you recommend, after backing the files, to delete the folder content and copy the new files or just copy and overwrite files?

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    Jan van Hattem

    Hi , Do you know when the acc file is ready for the Fluke 8588A.

    Many thanks for your answer.

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