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Creating Manual Templates in MET/TEAM

A customer said, "I need some information about how to create manual tests or test sheets in Met/Cal"

This sounds like a really good job for Manual Templates, which was designed specifically for this purpose.

From the Maintenance menu in MET/TEAM, select "Manual Templates"

Like everything in MET/TEAM, start by clicking "find".

Select any of the example manual templates, the Micrometer is a good one.

Next click on the Template Design tab:

Many of the fields are just text fields that can be filled with any information, but click into the Row Type field and you will see the different kinds of tests and row types available:

Here's that list:

Moving further down the row, notice that there are fields for nominal value, upper and lower limits and that resolution is the number of positions after the decimal that you need to represent your DUT resolution.  The TUR and Measurement Uncertainty columns must be filled out manually. "Units" is another field that has drop down values.  If you need to add another type of unit, simply go to the maintenance>units menus in MET/TEAM.  

Now that you are familiar with the look of a Manual Template, try writing your own.

To start a new one, just go back to the Manual Templates find screen  and click the Add button.

This is what you will see:  Before you do anything - give it a name.  

Select the "Template Design" tab to get into the datasheet.  Right click in the white area below the row headers and "add row" or "step wizard".   Add row allows you to enter rows and design each row yourself.  The "step wizard" allows you to add rows automatically depending on the values you enter into the wizard.  Before you exit the step wizard, make sure you click the "save" button.

This step wizard:



Produced these rows:


Experiment with the test types and the wizards.  When you are done, save your template.  

To "run" the manual template and allow for data entry follow this article:

How to set up a Manual Template as a datasheet in a MET/TEAM Procedure

Once you associate a type procedure default with your manual template,  receive an asset to use as a test case and run your new procedure by clicking on the "Data Sheet" ellipses.  

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