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METTEAM 2.3.0 Known Install Issues

Issue: METTEAM Installation Freezes in Command Prompt

Installing on Server 2016 may occasionally freeze during the Windows Activation and Internet Information Services setup at 9.1%. The only option is to close out of the Command Prompt. This results in the IIS roles and features not being properly setup for METTEAM and METCAL.

The reason for this is that our silent install makes a call to the OS to install .NET Framework. The call grabs both .NET 4.8 features AND .NET 3.5. Server 2016 does not have .NET 3.5 as an integrated package to enable so it stalls on enabling that.

Resolution 1: Enable the correct WAS and IIS roles and features

Make sure that the following Web Server Roles are enabled on the METTEAM server:

  1. On the Server Manager Dashboard, click Manage and select Add Roles and Features
  2. Click Next until you get to Server Roles
  3. Verify that the following are checked:mceclip0.png
  4. Click Next to get to Features
  5. Make sure the following Features are enabled:

Resolution 2: Enable .NET Framework 3.5 Features before METTEAM installation

While .NET Framework 3.5 may not be an available package in Server 2016, it does exist on the Server 2016 installation disc. You can mount the Server 2016 installation ISO and direct the installation to an alternate source when enabling that Feature.

  1. Mount the Server 2016 installation ISO on the server METTEAM will be installed on
  2. On the Server Manager Dashboard, click Manage and select Add Roles and Features

  3. Click Next until you get to the Features section
  4. Check all of the .NET Framework 3.5 Features

    1. You may get a pop-up when selecting HTTP Activation asking to add more features, go ahead and click Add Features

    2. You may get a similar pop-up when you select Non-HTTP Activation. Go ahead and click Add Features
  5. Click Next until you get to the Confirmation screen
  6. Click the link to Specify and alternate source path
  7. Direct the path to <drive letter>:\Sources\SxS. If your ISO is mounted as the D:\, the path will be D:\Sources\SxS

  8. Click OK and on the Confirmation page, click Install

Issue: Doing a custom installation and selecting a SpecificUser account to connect to the database gives a "Server not found" error

METTEAM allows you to set specific accounts to allow the METTEAM application pool to connect to the database. The installer attempts to connect to but throws an error saying that it cannot find the server even though you have not specified one. The installer will not allow you to go forward with the installation if SpecificUser is chosen.


Resolution: Use LocalSystem (default) for the installation and change it in IIS afterward

  1. Finish the METTEAM installation
  2. Open IIS
  3. Click on Application Pools

  4. In the main window, right-click on METTEAM and select Advanced Settings...

  5. Under Process Model, click in the Identity field to bring up an ellipsis button

  6. Click the ellipsis button
  7. Click the Custom account radial button and click the Set... button

  8. Enter in the user/service account that you would like the METTEAM Application Pool to use to connect to the database
  9. Click OK on the Set Credentials, Application Pool Identity Screen, and Advanced Settings screens

The application pool will now be using the proper account to connect to the database.

Issue: Reports give a 500 error

The METTEAM 2.3.0 installer does not include SQL Server 2012 Native Client (11.0) which our reports use to connect to the database. Our developers will be fixing this in future releases. 

Resolution: Follow the steps outlined in our Error 500 when running reports guide

Follow our guide on troubleshooting error 500 issues when running reports. The section titled "SQL Server Native Client 2012 is not installed on the METTEAM server" deals with verifying if Native Client 11.0 is installed and where to find it if it is not.

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