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How to Convert PROC.DIR to PXE using MET/CAL Editor

Steps to Use Convert PROC.DIR to PXE Tool found in MET/CAL Editor

  1. Create a PXE Files and Project Output folders  in your Shared Folder 
  2. Open MET/CAL Editor 
  3. Click on the Tools tab 
  4. Select Convert PROC.DIR to PXE blobid0.png
  5. On the Convert PROC.DIR to PXE page, Browse to both the Project Output Folder and PXE Output folders you craeted in Step One.  blobid4.png
  6. Now click “Browse” next to the “PROC.DIRs Found” section:  blobid5.png
  7. Now find your PROC.DIR. Click on the file location in the left pane, then click the “à” arrow so that PROC.DIR is Selected For Conversion blobid6.png
  8. If everything looks correct, then click “Convert” in the lower left corner. 
  9. Click “Ok” on the next warning window.  
  10. The process will start and show you an approximation of its progress.
  11. This system may then show you a screen that there may have been errors in the process.  blobid8.png
  12. MET/CAL Editor will then restart.
  13. Any errors that occurred in the process can be found and reviewed in the Project Output folder you created. 
  14. Your PXE’s can be found in the PXE folder you created. 
  15. Follow these articles to see how to add and use these files in MET/TEAM: Uploading PXE Procedures Into METTEAM After Migration
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