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How does my MET/CAL Client installation see my MET/TEAM database?

For a typical MET/CAL installation using MET/TEAM, the MET/CAL client's connection is determined the first time MET/CAL is used by looking at a file created during the installation of MET/TEAM.  This file is located in the share named "metcal" that is also created during the installation of MET/TEAM.  For a typical first-time installation this works well and the connection is good.

However, because "typical" may not apply to all installations, here is a more detailed description of what is going on in the background:

1) When MET/TEAM is installed the following file is created on the computer where the MET/TEAM website is installed:

Note: (This path is the 'standard' location, it could have been put in a different location if the path was modified during the MET/TEAM install process.)

This is a small, simple text file that basically just contains the 'address' used to connect to the MET/TEAM website just installed.  This is what the MET/CAL client installation uses to set up that communication.  

This is what the startup.ini will look like: (but with your server name)


2) The next thing that happens during the MET/TEAM install, is that  a share named "metteam" is created on the computer where the MET/TEAM website was installed.  That share points to this directory:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Fluke\METTEAM\

Note: (Again, this path is the 'standard' location, it could have been put in a different location if the path was modified during the MET/TEAM install process.)

Inside the METTEAM share is a folder named "Installers" and inside that is a folder named "METCAL".  Inside the "METCAL" sub folder is the installer (setup.exe) to be used to install the MET/CAL Run time and Editor on all work stations that need it.  The full path using the share looks like this:

\\{metteam server name}\metteam\Installers\METCAL\setup.exe

 Here is what it looks like from the perspective of the computer where MET/TEAM is installed:

This is the only MET/CAL installer that should be used because it will ensure version matches between MET/TEAM and MET/CAL.

3) During the MET/CAL installation, the installer asks for the location of the "MET/CAL Shared Folder". 
You must select the share named "metcal" on the computer where MET/TEAM was installed..  The best way to do this is to use a UNC path such as \\{METTEAM Server Name}\METCAL\}.  
When the METCAL share on the correct MET/TEAM server/computer is selected, MET/CAL will be able to find the "startup.ini" file mentioned above so MET/CAL can configure itself to communicate with the MET/TEAM website as defined in the startup.ini file. 


1) The startup.ini, created from the MET/TEAM Installation, needs to show the correct server name.

2) The folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Fluke\METTEAM\Installers, is shared by the Installation process.  This is how clients access the required MET/CAL client installation files.

3) The folder c:\ProgramData\Fluke\METCAL\shared\ should get shared by the MET/TEAM Installation as well.  But you can always check to make sure it is shared.  Inside this share is the startup.ini file that the client installation needs to look at to know how to set up the MET/TEAM Server Name and other important entries in the metcal.ini file.  


What if something goes wrong?
If a recently installed client is unable to connect to the database, you may get an error message telling you it can't find the server.  


Look at the error message and see if it is looking at the right server.  It should be looking at startup.ini file.  If the directory that file is in was moved, or not shared or the wrong server name is in the file, this can happen.  

Where should I look if there are other errors?  

Make sure that the correct installer files were used.  

During the installation, make sure the folder designated as the "shared directory" was the "MET/CAL Shared Folder" and that the folder was indeed shared.

What if there are no errors, but I am still pointing to the wrong server?

Finally, make sure that your metcal.ini file is pointing at the right server.

If the MET/CAL Runtime application launches, but you know you are on the wrong server, go to Configuration>Workstation Configuration and check to see if it is also correct in the location shown below.

If it is not, change it and be sure to click the "APPLY" button on the lower right of the screen. 




If the application will not launch, you may have to manually change it on your metcal.ini file.  Your metcal.ini file is located in C:\ProgramData\Fluke on your client work station.  You can open it up with notepad or wordpad or really any text editor.  Look for an entry called metteam=.

It should look similar to this and be showing the correct server name based on your installation. 


Once you edit and SAVE your metcal.ini file, try to relaunch.

If you are still having difficulty, here is a useful article with some additional detail:

Trouble-Shooting connection errors

Or you may contact or our help center for additional resources.








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