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How to add database objects to an XSD-based Crystal Report (MET/TEAM version 2.3.0 and newer)

This article will explain the steps that must be followed to properly add a data base object to an XSD-based Crystal Report when the desired data is not available in the report.  A typical example of this is to add an assets view to the recall report.

Whenever you modify a standard/default MET/TEAM report, it is recommended that you rename it to protect the file. If a MET/TEAM update contains a new version of one of these default reports, the update will overwrite the file, so renaming the report will prevent you from losing work.  Use the following article to rename your report prior to starting this process:  How to Rename an XSD based Crystal Report

  1. Verify the renamed report works correctly via the MET/TEAM interface.
  2.  Next open the report in the Crystal reports editor and click Database--> Database Expert and add the desired objects as show below.  It may be necessary to add the connection to your metteam database before you can add objects.  If this is the case, use the following article: 
    How to set datasource location in a MET\TEAM report
    NOTE:  As shown below, the .ttx file is NOT related to the rest of the database objects.
  3. Click OK, and you will get these two prompts, which are OK  to click thru
  4. Next click Report--> Selection Formula--> Record and enter a valid formula such as the one shown below...
    The key is that the formula adds the braces as shown, they are critical for things working correctly.

  5. Next you can add the desired fields and formatting to the report by using the Field Explorer as you normally would.
  6. When you are finished adding fields and formatting the report, save the report and verify it is working correctly in MET/TEAM.

    If you have any issues or concerns, contact technical support at for assistance. 
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