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How to Edit a MET/CAL procedure

You have downloaded a MET/CAL procedure or you have a MET/CAL procedure written by a co-worker that needs to be updated or fixed in some way.  You will need to find the original source code first. If you are running PXE files, the source code you need to look for will be a project directory or project zip file. 

If you are running procedures from a proc.dir file, much of this instruction will not apply.  Contact

1 - If you found a project zip file, extract it to a folder, use your unzip program to "extract to" or "extract all" to a convenient location.

That extracted folder should now look like this:


I created a folder called "proctemp" and I extracted the zip file into a sub-folder the same name as my procedure project zip.

2 - To open the project, simply double click on the "mcproj" file highlighted above if you don't have your MET/CAL Editor open or using the File>Open>Project

3 - Make your edits.  Compiling (F9) as you go.

4 - One you have made all of the necessary changes, click on the project name in the solution explorer, as shown:


5- From the Build menu at the top of the screen, click "Publish Package".  Your updates to the individual files will be saved and a new PXE file will be created for you to save where you choose.


To learn the steps necessary to create a new procedure see:

How to Create a New Project and PXE file

For training on the MET/CAL Editor Function Select Codes and general MET/CAL programming visit:

Fluke Calibration Training




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