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How to add an additional certificate format to the work order "Cert Format" list

After customizing a new Calibration Certificate report, you will need to add the Certificate File to MET/TEAM and then add the report title to the Cert Format drop down list. 

NOTE:  In order to perform the following steps, you must be logged into MET/TEAM as a user that belongs to either the "Administrator" or "Configuration" groups.  If your user is NOT a member of one of these groups, the right click option described below will NOT be available to you.


Open a work order.  If your work order is closed and you want to change the "Cert Format" value, you will have to unlock the work order by clicking the "unlock" icon.  You can change to content of the drop list without unlocking the work order.  Locate the Cert Format field title on the form.  Right click on the label with your mouse and select edit combo data.



Right click again in the Existing Data for cCert Format list and select Add new item.



Type or copy and paste the full file name (with "rpt" file extension) into the New Value field and click Save.


Click Save again.


Close the combo data window.  In the work order click the refresh icon in the upper right corner of the screen.



Your new report will now be available for selection.


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