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Log File Settings in MET/TEAM version 3.0.0 or later

Beginning in MET/TEAM version 3.0.0, we introduced settings for the log files generated by MET/TEAM to adjust their verbosity as well as how long they are retained.

These settings are located in the web.config file for the MET/TEAM website in the appSettings section:

 <!-- Logging Settings -->
<!-- The verbosity can be set to either "Detailed", "Normal", or "Minimum". If not specified, the default setting is "Normal" -->
<add key="ErrorLogVerbosity" value="Normal" />
<!-- The maximum days can be set to any value from 3 to 30. Log files older than this number of days are automatically deleted from the \Logs and \Mobile folders -->
<add key="ErrorLogMaximumDays" value="7" />


This setting has three options: Detailed (the most logging), Normal (standard logging), or Minimum (a reduced amount of logging). The default setting is Normal.

When experiencing a bug, we recommend setting your verbosity to Detailed and then reproducing the bug. This will help the technical support and engineering teams to track down your issue more effectively.


This setting affects how many days the log files are kept on your server. The default setting is 7 days. 

Whenever the application pool of your MET/TEAM website recycles, MET/TEAM checks for any log files older than this setting and deletes them.

Download Log Files

Another helpful addition in MET/TEAM version 3.0.0 or later is the ability to easily download all your log files into one or more zip files to send to the technical support team. You can find this button on the Help>About screen.


A similar option is available in the MET/CAL Runtime and MET/CAL Editor, in the "hamburger" menu icon.


MET/CAL logs verbosity and retention settings are found in the MET/CAL Configuration view under Workstation Configuration.mceclip0.png


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