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How to Add or Update the MET/TEAM Calibration Record of a Standard for use in a MET/CAL Procedure

Purpose:  To document that process that anyone who sends out equipment for calibration must follow before they can use the recently calibrated standard in MET/CAL Runtime.


This is the process you need to follow each year or 90 days or whenever you send your calibrator "out for cal" to Fluke Service or your internal lab or any service lab.  Start by opening the asset record for your Standard.  To do that, use the Maintenance menu in MET/TEAM.  Maintenance>Assets.  Once you find it, open the record.


1) Receive it first by clicking on the receive box icon. 

2) that will open a work order.  

a) Make sure service type is calibration

b) Make sure service date is the same as the day it was calibrated - if not, edit by clicking on the calendar icon.

c) Make sure that the recall interval is valid for the calibrator (eg 12 months, or 90 days or the recall interval you use that matches the specified interval from the product manual).

d) Change status to complete. then, save


Select return:

select yes:

select process:

That is all you have to do.  You can now use your calibrated standard in MET/CAL Runtime.  

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