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LogWare III: Steps to Log Data via LAN from the 1620A

1- Make sure the Ethernet cable is connected to the 1620A (see picture below), then turn the 1620A off and wait for 10 seconds before turning it ON again. Wait for a few seconds until the 1620A is done booting up and then press the MENU key, and now using the arrow keys select SYSTEM and click ENTER.




2- Using the arrow keys select COMM SETTING and click enter. Now you can use the horizontal arrow key to select LAN. and then click ENTER

​​3- In the following screen make sure that ENABLE and DHCP are set to ON. Here you will also notice a unique IP address created by your network showing under ADDRESS, and you will need to use this IP address in step# 6.

WARNING: The IP address: is just an example, and as mentioned above you will have a unique IP address created by your network, and this is the one you need to use in step#6.

4- Now launch LogWare III and enter the “username” & “password”, and the default for both is: LogWare. Now click on File and then select New Log Session…


5- On the below screen under “Communication Protocol” select Ethernet (TCP/IP), and then click on “Communication Settings”. 


6- After clicking on “Communication Settings” the below screen will show. Here select “Use a known address” and type the IP address from step# 3, and don’t type any zeros that may show in front of the numbers of the IP ADDRESS (for example, if the number is 010 you only type 10). Keep the PORT number as 10001, and then click OK.


7- Now click on “Query Logger” and a similar screen than the one shown below will appear. Finally click Start.

8- To use the “Use auto-discovery to locate instrument”, the device must be in the same subnet as the computer. For this reason, if the computer’s IP address is A.B.C.D and the 1620A’s IP address is A.B.E.F, LogWare III won't be able to find any devices because the subnets C and E are different. Therefore, the subnets A. B, and C must be the same on the computer and 1620A.

For example, if the first three numbers of the computer’s IP address are 129 196 210, these numbers must be the same in the 1620As.















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