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9260 Furnace - Fixed-Point Cell Installation Procedure

1. Please wear clean cotton or powder free rubber gloves to avoid human oil contamination of the cell.


2. Remove the Fixed Point Cell from carrying case and plastic sleeve.

3. Place it in a vertical support system.


4. Clean the quartz or metal cell with high purity alcohol (Reagent Alcohol 200 proof ACS Grade: denatured alcohol) to remove any dust or oils that may be on the cell.

5. Put it back in the vertical holding stand.


6. Clean the inside of the basket using a mechanical pickup tool, paper towel, and reagent ethanol before inserting the cell.  

7. Make sure to also clean the cell basket’s lid and thermal shunt.



8. Add a small piece of insulation in the entrant well of the cell. 

9. Use a quartz rod to place insulation at the bottom of the entrant well.




10. Add insulation to the bottom of the cell basket.

11. Cut a piece of A4 or letter sized paper in half widthwise.

12. Roll paper lengthwise and put in basket.


13. Tilt the cell basket horizontally.

14. Carefully slide the cell into the basket.

15. Return the cell and basket to the vertical position in stand.


16. Place the basket in the furnace using the basket removal tongs.

17. Carefully lower the cell basket into furnace, and don’t remove the tongs until the basket is siting about 2” below the top of the furnace, and you may need to use your fingers to carefully push it down until the basket touches the bottom of the 9260’s well.


18. Place a thin piece of insulation on top of the cell.

19. Place the lid on top of the insulation using the basket removal tongs.

20. Carefully place another thin piece of insulation on top of the lid. 


21. Place the thermal shunt on top of the insulation.

22. Carefully place several pieces of insulation on top of the thermal shunt until they are flush with the top of the furnace. In addiction, check the alignment of all the elements by inserting the inner melt heater. 



















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