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Sending Files Through Kiteworks

Occasionally you may be required to send over large files to technicians at Fluke Support for us to help you. You can use a Kiteworks account to get necessary large files over to us. The following walks you through creating an account and sending your files.


Create your account

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Create account
  3. Enter in your email address and create a password
  4. Click Create account
  5. You will get a message telling you that you will receive an email with a button to activate your account
  6. In your email inbox, click on the email from accellion with the subject Welcome to "kiteworks-NA"
  7. Click on Activate account

Sending a file

  1. Login to Kiteworks with your newly created account
  2. Click the Compose button in the top left of your screen
  3. Send to with the Subject line of Ticket ###### ATTN: <technician name>
  4. Click on the icon that has a paperclip and a piece of paper to upload your file
  5. After attaching the file, click Send
  6. The file will start uploading and you can click on Outbox to see when it is done uploading
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