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9230 Realization of the Gallium Cell

A) Freezing the cell:
  1. Press the “Set” button and while holding it down, press the “Down” button
  2. When the display reads “ADV” release the Set and Down buttons and press the Up button repeatedly until the display reads “FREEZC”
  3. Press the “Set” button once and the freezing process will begin
  4. When the cell is frozen the display will read “AUTO

B) Realization of the cell:

  1. The display should read “AUTO”
  2. Gently insert the Heater into the cell
  3. Press the “Set” button once
  4. The 9230 will realize the cell
  5. After the 9230 beeps eight times and the display reads “MAINT”, the cell is ready to be used

OPTIONAL: The best readings are achieved when there is about 5 centimeters of oil (silicone or mineral) at the bottom of the inner well in the Gallium cell. The silicone oils than can be used are models 5010 or 5012

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