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How to Collect Data on Multiple Work Orders at Once Using Manual Templates

This is how you collect data on multiple work orders at once using manual templates in MET/TEAM v3.1.1.

1. Open a Work Order by going to Workflow-->Work Orders and find a Work Order where you can choose multiple Assets, using the same Procedure (does not have to be the same Type of Asset) to collect data once using Manual Templates.

2.  Click Batch at the top of the Edit Work Order screen. 




3.  Click Find on the Find Work Order with matching 'Procedure Used' screen and choose the Work Orders with the same Type.

4. Choose the Work Orders with a matching Procedure (using a Manual Template) and double click on all of the Work Orders you wish to choose.

5. Once you have chosen all Work Orders that you wish to collect data on using Manual Templates press OK.




6.  Choose Calibrate on the Batch Process Work Orders screen.




7.  After you choose the Calibrate button, the Manual Template opens so you can collect data on multiple Work Orders at once using Manual Templates. (See screen capture below)



Note* As you can see in the screen capture below it resembles the old manual MET/CAL and allows you to collect data on multiple work orders at a time using Manual Templates in MET/TEAM.





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