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How to clean up MET/TEAM Types records

Have you come across MET/TEAM Type records that are duplicates of other records?  This article (video) will explain how to deal with this situation to help 'clean' up your data to make future management easier.  Hopefully your data will start out clean and stay clean and you will never have to deal with this, but incase you 'normal' this will probably be needed at some point!

Here are some highlights from this video:

00:00 - Explanation of the issue
01:15 - Tip to help find 'bad' records later in the process
02:05 - Tip to find all assets related to a Type
02:50 - Manually relate a single asset to a new type
03:20 - How to respond to the change type prompt
04:55 - How to use Bulk Change to update multiple assets at once, specifically to update the type
05:55 - Can we search asset data by using Types fields?
06:20 - How to search asset data by Types fields
06:29 - Tip to sort when fields are being added to the find screen's search grid
07:55 - How to select fields to be updated by Bulk Change feature
09:25 - New 3.1 feature to optionally update the Asset's notes field during bulk change
10:28 - Tip to verify an asset was actually updated by Bulk Change
11:45 - Verify our 'bad' type has 0 related assets
11:55 - Clean up the 'bad' type's data and discuss other possible cleanups 



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