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Using the Fluke REVII IR to USB cable with MET/CAL and Trouble Shooting the Driver

1) If you are new to MET/CAL and USB to RS232 cable adapters, please read this article:

  USB to IR basics

2) If you are on Windows 10 and your driver is not longer working please try to install 

   A) the FTDI driver number, found here:

FTDI Chip Drivers

   B) Or if you have Fluke View Forms, install the lastest Fluke View Forms update which should also install         updated drivers for the cable.  That update is found here:

Fluke View Forms update page

3) The process for the 27X meters are similar, with one exception, If you are trying to get the 279FC devices to connect and communicate

   279FC communication information


If you have any other questions or issues running MET/CAL procedures , feel free to contact  





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