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How to register your MET/CONNECT Software

This article assumes that you have purchased the software and have received a product code.    Please note if you downloaded the software with the intent to try it out, you use the code trial in place of a product code.       

To get started, log in to MET/CAL Runtime using admin as the username and admin as the password.  Have your product code ready. 

Click on the “hamburger” icon.

Select Manage Licenses from the menu.  Next, click on the Request Licenses tab.

Enter your product code (if you are just trying it out you can use the code "trial")

Enter your other registration information as shown and click Generate Request.



You will see similar licensing code:

Click Copy to Clipboard and open an email

Create an email for following this format:

Subject company name – MET/CONNECT license request (please note that the screen capture should say MET/CONNECT instead of MET/TEAM).

Paste in the code from your clipboard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There can be nothing on the cc line or any automatic signatures as this is an automated system and anything extra will result in errors. 



Wait for this response:

Go back to MET/CAL and click the Apply Licenses tab.  Copy the returned code from the LicenseResponse.txt and paste it into the Apply Licenses window and click “apply”.



If everything was successful, you will receive this message.

You can now log in to MET/CAL using the mc username and mc password or using the admin user and admin password to set things up. 


If you need further assistance please contact


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