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LogWare III V 3.1: Unable to Locate any Available Licenses with PostgreSQL V13.X and V14.X

Problem Description:
If the LogWare III client application terminates unexpectedly, the license allocated by the client is supposed to be released automatically within a short time. However, when using LogWare III with PostgreSQL V13.x, licenses are not released properly. This can cause an erroneous message “Unable to locate any available licenses” to be displayed when attempting to launch the LogWare III client application again.
The LW3LicenseManager event log (LW3_Service_log) contains a message “Error trying to open the database - Only AuthenticationClearTextPassword and AuthenticationMD5Password supported for now. Received: 10”.

Resolution/Work Around:

To resolve this issue, follow the instructions to update the LogWare III License Manager service.

1) Download the ZIP archive using the link above and save it to a temporary location. Extract the file from the ZIP archive.
2) Log into the machine where the LogWare III Server installation was run using an account with administrative rights.
3) Open the Services applet by selecting Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services from the Windows Start menu.
4) Locate the service LW3LicenseManager and double-click it to open the Properties dialog. Stop the service by clicking the Stop button on the General tab. Leave the dialog open for now.
5) Using Windows Explorer, copy the contents of the ZIP extracted files to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Fluke Calibration\LogWare III and replace any existing files.
6) Start the service again by clicking the Start button on the Properties dialog for the service. Click OK to close the dialog.

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