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Report Editor: Video - Editing a Template to use Two Data Sources

This video shows how to edit an existing template to make it support two data sources.  A common example is to combine an As Found data set with an As Left data set onto the same report.  The video starts with a template having two data tables and then editing the field properties to specify which data source should be used. 

Not shown at the start of the video is the process of making a duplicate table section for the As Left data.  The process is a simple copy-and-paste of the first data table to create the second one.  Any text that is not color highlighted is simple text and it can be edited with traditional word processing techniques.

The focus of this video is the manipulation of the dynamic data link fields to change the properties.  These properties are used to control the behavior of the data link, specifically which data source to use.  In the video, all of the purple fields need to be configured for DataSource1.  All of the green fields need to be configured for DataSource2.  The color of the field highlighting is not important.  The two colors were used simply to emphasize the different source selections for this video.


There is no audio with the video.


When creating the report the DataSource Selection correlates to the top-to-bottom order of appearance in the selection window.  In this image "SAMPLE1.DAT" = DataSource1 and "SAMPLE2.DAT" = DataSource2.



The video was originally part of the digital help file that is located under the Help menu:


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