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How to convert 5500A procedures to work with a 5502X in MET/CAL

Much of the MET/CAL Legacy Instrument FSC code is supported by Device Mapping, where a Legacy FSC like the Fluke 5520A which uses 5520 and M5520, will work without modification when a Fluke 5522A is configured or a program written with the 5522A NVI Instrument FSC will work without modification when a Fluke 5520A is configured.  However, when it comes to the Fluke 5500A compared to its hardware replacement the Fluke 5502E or 5502A, this is not the case.  The legacy 5500 and M550 FSC code does not device map to the NVI-based 5502A or 5502E (see Device Mapping in the MET/CAL Help file for details). However, there is a solution to converting from a 5500A procedure to a 5502A procedure, it is the ProcTran.exe.  

The first thing you need to do is to copy the ProcTran.exe into the C:\Program Files (x86)\Fluke\METCAL directory on your computer.  This file is available by clicking on the download link.  

Next, open notepad to develop the command line script you will need to run.  It is easier to copy and paste from notepad than to type it into a command line window for most users.


Here is the format:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Fluke\METCAL\ProcTran.exe" 5502E "C:\the folder where your mc file is located\your mc file" "C:\your folder where you want it saved"

Each command line script must contain:

1- path or location of exe (in my example it is  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Fluke\METCAL\ProcTran.exe")

2- "to" FSC 5502A or 5502E (in my example it is 5502E - note the spaces around it.)

3- mc, txt or mcproj or the folder where the "from" version is located (in my example this is called "C:\the folder where your mc file is located\")

4- output directory where you want the mc files to go (in my example this is "C:\your folder where you want it saved")


#2, 3 and 4 must go on the arguments line

To paste the command line script into your command window, click on the icon circled in red below and select edit>paste then just <enter> to run.



if proctran is in the root of c:\program files (x86) you can set up the command line this way:

     ProcTran.exe 5502A C:\proc_input D:\proc_output

and if all of your mc files that need translation are in the same directory, the translator will translate all of them.  However, you will have to make sure they are then added to the correct project folders.  

Or again, simplified:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Fluke\METCAL\ProcTran.exe" 5502A "C:\translate" "c:\translate_out"

You will see the progress in the command window.  

After translation browse to your output directory to verify that the files have been created.


5 - Create new project and add the mc file from the output directory as an existing item.



6 - Next search and replace on any text under the Edit menu

Choose Replace in Files.



Choose replace all



7 - Finally,  Build>Publish package to create the pxe file and save it in your PXE directory. 

8 – If desired, add a new MET/TEAM procedure and associate it with the type.


If you need any additional information on MET/CAL or running a command line script, please contact for assistance.


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