Customize Met/TEAM

I have read the Met/TEAM help files, but don't remember anywhere it covering customizing the windows.

Are you able to add fields to windows (more than just visible or not)?

Are you able to add/remove required fields?

Are you able to prioritize the search fields (move what field you want first)?

Are you able to resize the windows?

If anyone has found a good reference on learning this new system please let me know.


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Kevin Griffis

It's been a couple months since I've messed with MetTeam, but I'll have a go at answering your questions.

You cannot add fields to windows:  In MetTrack, you had a number of "User Defined" fields.  Additionally, you could repurpose a lot of the fields by renaming, resizing, etc.  MetTrack also allowed customization of the screens by positioning and sizing fields, as well as making them visible or not.

In MetTeam, you can, as you know, make fields visible or invisible.  If I recall correctly, one sorta cool feature is that you can make fields visible or invisible based on permission level of the user.  MetTeam does have a plethora of "Extended Data" fields.  These are typically on their own tab.  You have a number of fields of several data types, string, number, etc. that can all be defined as you desire.  One of the potential drawbacks of Extended Data is that these fields do not normally appear on the find screen.  I do believe, however, that they can be made to appear on the find screen.  If you talk to the support folks I'm sure they can tell you how to do this.


Required Fields:  Take a look at the Data Checks.  This is a very powerful feature of MetTeam.  Data Checks can be used to require fields, automate tasks, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  The only downside of Data Checks is that they only trigger when the screen is saved.


Search Customization:  On the find screens, fields can be added, removed, or re-ordered.  Click the "Remember" button on the toolbar and any changes that you make will be saved.  Saving search customization is done on a per-user basis.  (Each user can customize their own search screen and the settings will be remembered at their next login.)


Window Resizing:  In version 1, windows could be resized, but this behaviour was somewhat erratic.  Some windows could be resized, some could not.  Ocassionally, when resizing a window, the window would freeze at some given size.  I had a couple ocassions when I could not close the window after resizing.


I believe Fluke is working on creating a users manual for MetTeam.  I don't have any information about the release date, but it would make sense that it will be out with the next major MetTeam release.

Bart Geeraerts

Is there already a users manual available for MetTeam?
The help file gives only basic information.


Bart Geeraerts


"I have read the Met/TEAM help files, but don't remember anywhere it covering..."

I got the 2.0.3 Version and the help file still doesn't cover a lot of things.

Does anybody know whether there will be a German Translation of the functions buttons that make sense?

To me, it seems that some of the translated English terms were misinterpreted in German. Can't switch to the English version either. Tried to reinstall MET/TEAM, chose "English" as default language, to no avail. I just can't get away from the German version.

If any MET/TEAM developer reads this, please notice that regarding to MET/Software functions, the German term "Prozedur" is sufficient to describe the english term "procedure". Using different terms for one function just makes it more difficult (and it's difficult enough to get this whole workflow thing done in MET/TEAM) to work with.

Wow, and still no User's manual? MET/TEAM has been on sale since almost two years!!? What were you thinking?! You can't just offer a software for sale if it or its supply of sufficient information is still under construction...!

Off topic, but nevertheless:

How could it be that this software was established in the USA? How did you do that?

I still have to fight for FLUKE's backup on the beginner's training issue, even though FLUKE assured our company to fulfill their promise to help us with informational supply and training if a new position would be created for the purpose of selling it in Germany (or maybe in other European countries, as well). The new position has been filled by me, btw.

At the moment, I'm fighting my way through to the MET/TEAM software developers' communication channel to get first hand information instead of a FLUKE manager's message telling me that I please have to consult the "sales channel" instead of ("obviously") pestering the manager. Which sales channel and why the sales channel, what would they know about MET/TEAM anyway?

Before I started to work with my company, we sold this product to one customer (who has to supply several hundreds of his own customers) for a lot of money and all they got when they tried to get their workflow running with MET/TEAM was a mess. Now I understand why even FLUKE corporates themselves refuse to switch to MET/TEAM.

I don't know what the situation is in the USA, but here in Germany,

- sorry that I have to put it like that -

such behaviour towards your customers, and to your business partners as well, is a no go.

Geez, I have to sell that product, did you ever think about that? And if I do so, I'd like to have a clear conscience.

I hope this post will initiate a fruitful discussion about MET/TEAM's status.


Please, dear group forum admins, do not delete this post and please don't kick me out of the forum/group just because I said things that must have been said a long time ago. Thank you for your understanding.




Mankani, Soumya

I agree with you iwd.

I have wasted so much time last year with this unstable software and still doing it.

Its like they have degraded the software quality (functionalities) as compared to Met track.

Only thing i feel they have upgraded from Met Track is by using the new software technologies.

If we have any questions, they take so long to reply to our emails, and when they reply, it will be some question and if we answer those questions they will again take several weeks to respond.


Hey SM,


thanks for your backup on this issue.

It seems that I'm not the only person who is pretty frustrated with the functionality and the useability of MET/TEAM.

Are you from the USA? I had the illusion that FLUKE's  informational and communicational backup would be a bit less dysfunctional in the US... According to some colleagues, MET/TEAM is the CAL software standard in the US.

Why not in Europe?

There are new markets like South America or China - Brazil e.g. will become a very important sales target regarding technics and software supply, China already is.

I just can't believe that FLUKE doesn't give a damn about proper software developmet and about selling it efficiently.

Isn't the CAL sector FLUKE's cash cow?

Well, good luck to all MET/TEAM users. Have a nice start of the week:




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