Met/Track Met/Cal login trouble

I am currently having trouble loging into Met/Cal and Met/Track. I have the errors below its showing. What I dont understand is that our IT department is saying that our server that all of this is on is up and running properly and all other items on that server are working except Met/Cal and Met/Track. Any suggestions?


[Sybas][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere] Database server not found.

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David Weir-Marshall

Hi Brad,

We run 7.3 here, but based off some fun we had with setting it up after a IT swapped servers...

It'd be worth asking your IT department to check that the database server is running (for 7.3 the SQL server, as opposed to the actual machine). We found that our IT department kept refering to the machine when we were talking about the database.

Make sure that the local machine has the correct location for the database listed in the ODBC administrator settings and that the name is correct in the metcal.ini file.

Good luck!

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