Error installing procedures with .mcz extension

When I try to install a procedure with an mcz extension I receive an error and the install fails.  Any ideas what the problem may be?




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Krista E.

Try creating a new, empty directory (just on your C drive somewhere) with Editor closed, log in to Runtime and set that as your default directory (Ctrl + D).

Try the installation again.

If it is successful this time (which it probably will be) then open the procedure from Editor as a project (file>new>project from existing procedure) then once the procedure and all its subs are showing in the solution explorer - highlight all the MC files and Build>publish selected procedures to (the "to" location back to your main procedure directory).

I have an app note out on our support site if you send an email into softwaresupport@flukecal.com


Krista Erickson

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