for some time in Met/Cal the processing of special characters was activated.

For device control with the FSC IEEE or PORT, I use the byte streaming in some cases.

Under the use of strings, this was easy before activation.

The string I can variably byteweise with itoc (ASCII value) put together and send it to the bus.

After the activation, this method only works for ASCII values ​​from 1 to 127. The ASCII value of 0 must be processed separately. Starting at value 128, the special characters begin. Since itoc (128) becomes a Multicharacter. In this case, it has a length of 3 bytes. Now fail my procedure.

The following example shows the conversion. The determination of the ASCII value of a special character with ctoi (multibyte_character) is not possible.

  1.001  MATH         nChr = 127

  1.002  MATH         Chr = ITOC(nChr)

  1.003  MATH         len = LEN(Chr)

  1.004  MATH         nDest = CTOI(Chr)


  1.005  MATH         nChr = 128

  1.006  MATH         Chr = ITOC(nChr)

  1.007  MATH         len = LEN(Chr)

  1.008  MATH         Chr1 = SUB(Chr,1,1); nChr1 = CTOI(Chr1)

  1.009  MATH         Chr2 = SUB(Chr,2,1); nChr2 = CTOI(Chr2)

  1.010  MATH         Chr3 = SUB(Chr,3,1); nChr3 = CTOI(Chr3)

  1.011  MATH         nDest = CTOI(Chr)


  1.012  MATH         chr128 = "Ç"

  1.013  MATH         len = LEN(chr128)

  1.014  MATH         Chr1 = SUB(chr128,1,2); nChr1 = CTOI(chr128)

  1.015  MATH         Chr2 = SUB(chr128,2,1); nChr2 = CTOI(chr128)


  1.016  MATH         nDest = CTOI(chr128)


As a solution I see only the use of a Win32 function (DLL), which takes over the conversion and the data in an intermediate file. The content can be sent in Met/Cal on the bus.

Does anyone have a better solution?


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