Retrieving the serial number

I am using Met/Cal runtime 7. At the start of the running procedure I enter the serial number of the UUT. Then, during the main procedure, I read the programmed serial number from the UUT. I want to compare the two values to make sure they are the same. I use GETV [SERIALNO$] [i] to try to retrieve the user entered serial number, but the serial number returned is not the one I entered. What am I doing wrong?


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Paul Horst

I should add that the serial number retrieved with GETV is the one stored in variables.dat, but that serial number is not being updated by met/cal.

Thanks in advance

Jerral Plowman

If your talking about the Serial Number stored in the database, you coud do the following to pull the information from the Inventory database.


  1.   MATH         MEM2=INV(UUT(),4206)
  2.   DISP         [MEM2]

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