Dummy standard is "not in calibration".

Good afternoon,

We have a dummy standard that we created for doing vendor logouts (Our group requires that the Standards field has something in it in order to save a calibration record.)

Unfortunately, our dummy standard has stopped working. When we enter it as a standard, it enters the list grayed out and unselectable with an comment that it is not in calibration, despite the standard having a due date in 2018.

I have compared it with a sister lab's dummy standard...one that still works...and don't see any difference that should be causing ours to not function.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Nick Short

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Krista E.


Since that standard is not a calibrated standard - try setting the interval and interval units to 0 (zero) and "N" to set it up as a no-cal required standard.

See if that fixes your issue.



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