Keithley 2420 Current Source

I have some hard time trying to figure out what the right codes are for Keithley 2420 current source to output Custom Sweep value @ 1500mA, # of Points: 4 to sweep. Does any one have experience with this instrument and willing to help? Thanks.

  9.003  SCPI         [@2420] SOURCE:FUNC CURR;:SENSE:FUNC:OFF:ALL

  9.004  SCPI         [@2420] SENS:FUNC:CONC OFF

  9.005  SCPI         [@2420] :OUTP:STATE OFF

  9.006  SCPI         [@2420] SENS:CURR:NPLC 0.9

  9.007  SCPI         [@2420] SOURCE:DEL 0.00236

#command below set the Sweep Type to Custom?

  9.008  SCPI         [@2420] SOURCE:CURR:MODE LIST

#command below set the custom # of points to 4

  9.009  SCPI         [@2420]sour:list:curr 0,0.05,0.05,0


And I can't find anywhere in the manual to set up the Configure->Sweep->Type->Custom->Init-> Value: 1500mA


The next question is later in the test set up, I'll have to set # of Points for sweep to 20 and then 80. My early line# 9.009 won't be able to contain 80 points in there. What's the solution? Some Calculate math statement from the Keithley instrument? Or from METCAL? And how to wrestle this problem?

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