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I was looking back at some previosly saved (backup) proc folders and want to know is there a best way to determine the age of that folder correctly? I could go in and look at a specific procedure and look at its date.  My Fluke 9640A is down for repair and I was looking around to find a previous procedure that didn't require use of the 9640A. Somehow my archived procedures folder was not copied to my new computer.

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Michael Schwartz

The folder should have a date, but I think that date would be the data created or the date you last change the name of the folder..

Next best thing would be to look at he proc.dir file in th folder.  I should have the last edited date of any of the .pro files in that directory.

We recommend to customers to file their pocedures like this

<Manufacturer>\<Model>\<Station or Standards>

Then have a top level directory <Approved> <InDevelopment> <WaitingQA> etc.. 

Now you can copy and move whole directories..  Edit them and move them back through QA to Approved.

This way you should never loose any older working procedures.



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