Downloaded procedurs

How do you install or where do you store the procedure files downloaded from the support site so that it is an available procedure?




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James Smith

It depends. Do you have MC files with some pictures or do you have a MCZ.exe and an index? If you have an index and a MCZ with other various stuff in there, run the MCZ.exe (or maybe the MCZ-link.exe, I forget) then open up the index.html. It should open in a web browser. Select UUT list and then open the link to it. From there it should be self-explanatory. IF you have a bunch of .MC files and some pictures, open the MC files in editor. Then you will have to publish them to a directory. Ensure that you publish all of them by selecting them one at a time or all at once in the solution editor. Take the picture files and put them in the PIC folder. You may want to save the MC files in the to that directory folder as well.

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