Met/Cal Error E2494

Today I got an error message when I tried to Configure Instruments (F12) in Met/Cal Editor.



E2494: The System Configuration File is in use by another application ("Editor").


Have anyone had this error and know how to fix it? I am running Met/Cal 8.0.51. To my knowledge there are no other applications running that should be accessing any Met/Cal files. Restarting Met/Cal Editor and/or the computer does not solve it.


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Chad D.

Good morning Joakim, this is a safety condition switch that is sometimes set if the Editor terminates for any reason before it is able to clear or reset the instruments on the bus.  The setting tells MET/CAL to clear all instruments the next time it launches, to ensure safe conditions are present.  Close MET/CAL applications, then check metcal.ini for the following setting to resolve (ensure that lock=None):

[dev] lock=None
The error should no longer be present when you launch the applications again.
Michelle Shinto

Our lab is having the save error code come up on a computer running Windows XP.  I have already made sure that 

[dev] lock=None

is in the metcal.ini file, but that didn't fix the problem.  I was also concerned that maybe the version of Metcal (previously 8.0.X) was is the issue.  I uninstalled that version and installed Met/Cal 7.3 on that machine.  The error still presisted.  

What is my next step to fix this problem?  It is frustrating when we can't access the instrument configure file when needed.



Krista E.


What is the exact error you are getting on your computer? and have you checked for more than one ini file on your computer?  Also backgrading to 7.3 will probably cause more issues than it fixes.  

I know you are out in the field a lot.  Can  you call us so we can see if we can get to the bottom of it?





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