New MET/CAL Procedures just released

This release includes 119 new MET/CAL® procedures covering Fluke, Tektronix, HP, Omega, and Agilent products, designed to increase productivity and efficiency for MET/CAL® users. Here are some examples of the new procedures:
  • Fluke 525A and 525B Calibrator verification
  • Fluke 190-502 ScopeMeter verification and adjustment
  • Fluke 70 Series II verification and adjustment, using several additional calibrator models
  • Tektronix THS3000 Series Oscilloscope verification and adjustment
  • Agilent 34972A LXI Data Acquisition / Data Logger Switch Unit verification and adjustment
  • Plus several more new procedures using the Fluke 5502E, 5502A, 5522A, and 7526A!
With new procedures released bimonthly, and all of the other benefits of being a MET/SUPPORT Gold member, you can't afford to miss out: sign up for your annual membership now.

See the list of available procedures

Download the list of new procedures

Want to know more about the MET/SUPPORT Gold program? Find all the details and request a quote on the Fluke Calibration website.


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