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I'm using both METCAL 7.3 and 8.1. What should I edit in the metcal.ini "port = ...?" statement to make the computer accept any calibrator, 5500, 5520, 5800 and/or 9500? I want interchangeability, not getting stuck with only one type of standard? My computer seems to be married to the 9500 calibrator when set at port = COM3 and will not accept a 5520! On another computer, it's gladly accept a 5522A if I set port = M5500 and refused to work at all on COM2, or COM3! Any answer to this problem?

I thought this is a port statement in the .ini file, but what else could there be? Please help.



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Dale Chaudiere

1. The MET/CAL Initialization file parameter "port" set the Default Serial Port for RS-232 controlled DUTs.

2. The 9500 is IEEE-488 only.  It has no RS-232 port.  Check the rear panel.

3. Only the 5500A, 5502A, 5502E, 5520A, 5522A, 5800A, and 5820A have a "Serial 2 to UUT" DB9 RS-232 port on their rear panel.

4. The "Default Serial Port" CAN be set to this "Pass-through" RS-232 port on the rear panel of the Calibrator, when the Calibrator is configured.

5500A => COM5500

5502A => COM5500A

5502E => COM5502E

5520A => COM5520

5522A => COM5522

5800A => COM5800

5820A => COM5820

Whatever problem you are having setting the "Default Serial Port" has nothing to do with configuring a 9500.

Tam Tu


Where should I look in the .ini file to edit for allowing standards change as needed? Right now, this particular computer only let me use the 9500 but wont take 5520A? Thanks.

Dale Chaudiere

References (System Instruments, User-configured Instruments, and Manual Standards) are not specified in the MET/CAL initialization file.  Configure references using the menu item in the Editor or Run Time application.  This depends upon what version of MET/CAL you are using.  However, F12 should open in the "Instrument Configuration" in ALL versions of MET/CAL.

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