Recovery of Metcal Results after a crash

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I had a problem which is related to a crash that has happened while calibrating a multimeter. I couldn't read the error itself because I have clicked in the enter button withouth noticing and this way closing the text box.

Before turning on again the metcal software I have made a backup of the files  RSLT.TMP and RSLTSORT.TMP in the metcal/station folder.

After that I ran again the metcal procedure and after finishing one step of the procedure I did terminate and in the "Procedure Step Terminated" I did again terminate. After terminating the procedure I went to the prompt "Enter Data", where one can check the elapsed calibration time, the test status and the as found or as left and here I have copied the back up files above mentioned and pasted them in the same folder path metcal/station. Then I clicked Ok. After that I have closed the "Post Run Results" with the option selected in "Save Calibration Data".

After doing this, I went to the MET/TRACK window, did a search of the multimeter asset number and in the "Instrument Browser" I selected the "Calibration Tab". Here I could check that I have a calibration record but the pass field was with the letter I (of incomplete). I changed it for Y (of yes, passed) saved the changes and closed the windows.

Finally, to check if I was sucessful in doing the recover of the calibration data and results, I went again, through the MET/TRACK, to the multimeter calibration records and asked for the Calibration Reports (three green dots). I choose one of the options that I usually do (report of calibration w/ colors) and for my surprise there is no recovered data in there. The funny thing is that if I click in the "Show Calibration Results" icon at the top right of the window (small icon with one paper document figure) where is all the information of the multimeter, I can see all the calibration data of the recovered file. But when I click on the icon next to this one, the one that says "Show Full Results" (the one with an icon with a image of two documents) for my surprise there is no data of the recovered file in there. Why this is happening? The thing here is that when I ask for calibration report what is shown there is the data that is present in the "Show Full Results".

How can I ask for the calibration report with the data that I have recovered? Everything was looking good until I asked for "Show Full Results" and there was nothing in there but the three or four lines of the new calibration that I did just to try to trick the METCAL.

Anyone can help me out here? I am out of ideas.

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Justin Barrett

Unless they have changed something from when I had to do this with MET/TRACK, you cant.

There is no way to recover the data in a manner that will allow you to run a report. The only place you will see the recovered data is in the "Show Calibration Results" that you already saw.

I wish I had better news for you, but it is just one of the major limitations on MET/CAL - MET/TRACK.

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