Dynamic numbering. Use of system clock in IEEE statement?

I recall once reading somewhere that it is possible to invoke the system date or time in a statement. Since I do not recall where I read this, I am having trouble cross-referencing it but here's what I am trying to do. 

I am trying to script saving an instrument's setup at the beginning of my proceedure. But one thing that occurs to me is that if I hard code the file name that I want to save to, it'll overwrite any existing file on the drive with that name. That's... not nessesarily a problem... probably... but I am trying to think of a way to give each save it's own unique file name. One way I though of doing this was to use the system clock as the file name (while hoping that the syntax is understood by the instrument but I'll deal with that when the time comes). 

I just want to confirm that it is possible to do and what that would look like. 


I would like:
Just don't know how to correctly syntax that.



Date Votes
Nathan Ryder

Try this


  1.001  MATH         @DATE = DATE("DD/MM/YY")
  1.002  IEEE         :FILE:SAVE:SETUP:EXECUTE "[V @DATE]"
Im not sure on you IEEE syntax but this will put the current systems date where [V @DATE] is on the IEEE command line

Perfect! I had remembered reading that it was possible. I just didn't recall how. Thank you.

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